It started as a simple idea in my head one Sunday afternoon. I had been taking french lessons for one year and could read and write french pretty well but I was terrible at speaking (still am) the language. I also had a notion of moving to France. From that Sunday afternoon…LOOK at what we have created. Welcome to French Soiré

We are a group of guys (gay & bi-sexual) interested in enhancing our french speaking skills. We meet each week at an economic but VERY french restaurant and parle for about one hour or more (usually more.) There are no costs or obligations involved. All levels invited. Just, be interested in enhancing your language performance, expanding your network, and socializing. Because of the interest and fun, a lot of women and straight men have joined us too. So, now everybody comes! We meet every Thursday at 7:00. We have met every week at the same location since August 2005! Typically, we have 15-20 people each week and its a mixture of native speakers and Americans.

So, if you want something inexpensive to do and meet some dynamic people, keep us in mind as an alternative!